Spiritual growth

begins with God. 

This video answers the important question: 

"How can I know God?"

Grace Baptist Church

Belleview, FL

Because we are committed to praying together, sharing life together, discussing and applying the Word together, and exhorting and edifying each other in love.

Small groups will meet throughout the month to enhance relationships with God through prayer, sharing, and discussion.

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What Do Connect Groups Look Like?

Because we need to pray together, share life together, discuss and apply the Word together, and exhort and edify each other in love.

You are invited to participate in Connect Groups. Connect Groups are small groups that meet throughout the month to mutually enhance each others relationship with God through prayer, sharing, and discussion. Connect groups meet in various locations in the Belleview and Ocala areas.

If you desire to be in a Connect Group for the next term, please see Pastor Jeremy and he will direct you.

Why Have Connect Groups?

Why Do We Need Connect Groups?